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Text Box: Xtenda-Leg? built to exceed proposed OSHA safety standard ANSI 14.8
Text Box: Xtenda-Leg? Approved for type II, I & 1A  Ladders up to 32ft work length 
For ladders with 1?wide Legs, example: Metallic brand stack ladders, order #802 Long Bolt Kit
Text Box: Essential for  Working
 Safely and  Quickly

Ladder Levelers Llc.

Adjust the level of a ladder in seconds!?Push down on lock plates, level the ladder, then release.

Special formula of ”kraton?rubber

?/span>for superior grip!


Change to cleated feet for penetrable surfaces

Xtenda-Leg? v:shapes=

#500 Kraft-disposable cardboard PAPINT SHIELD HOLDER. Insert cardboard for use as disposable shields.   Save time as you eliminate the need for taping and little clean up as you toss cardboard when job is done.?Tool accepts pole for extended reach.

  ?LDA exclusive?Ratchet angle adjusting pole handle.

Shield not in a comfortable position, change shield angle with just a push or pull of shield through LDA exclusive ratchet angle adjustment.?Change angle with just a push or pull of shield.

Save time and $

as you eliminate

the need for taping

When you use

Light weight , easy to clean

LDA Paint Spray Shields

Professionals continually tell us the

Xtenda-Leg?/sup> is the best ladder leveler made!?

Allows Feet to raise up past original feet of Ladder?4 Blocks, 8 Long Screws


#600?Rubber Feet

Text Box: #700  Cleated Feet 
For penetrable surfaces: grass, gravel, asphalt, snow, ice, etc...

24" LDA Scrapper-Mud Knockdown? 18"handle   A versatile shield, both rigid and compact. Rigidity comes from the?one-piece construction and special forming of the paint guard. This shield makes an excellent wipe-down knife and its compact size makes working in confined areas a breeze.    

18?Wide Grip

?/span>or Pole Handle

Download.pdf Installation

& Operation

Easy Installation Hold bracket over ladder rung mark 4 holes (or use vise grip to hold bracket in?place) Then drill??/span> holes.?Secure Xtenda-Leg with bolt, washers and lock nut.

Available at quality retail stores or on line.  ?  Customers outside USA, fax or email us the products your interested in to with your ship to address and we’ll reply with delivered cost to your door.


Ladder Levelers, Llc.   2560 W. Brooks Ave.?N. Las Vegas, NV 89032?


4pg Brochure


.pdf Order Form


Excel Order Form

#604 Rubber Feet

#704 Cleated Feet Kit

Swap back and forth from Rubber to Cleated

Replacement Feet

NEW #806



?/span>Model 500


Helps stabilize your ladder while protecting support surfaces from being scratched or marred. Made of a pliable rubber that expands to fit most extension ladder rails up to 3-3/16 x 1-3/16”